Masafat Cairo: Within striking distance of larger musical aspirations?
Habiba Effat | On aiming beyond musicians’ exposure and learning from the choices of our predecessors.
Tips from the culture desk: A new arts season warming up
As well as these film, music and art tips, you can also make a visit to the three-venue art exhibition Roznama
On the importance of post-1967 alternative cinematic adventures in Egypt
Ahmed Refaat | Ahmed Refaat looks back at the constellation of three alternative film practices that emerged in the
The Armed Forces and business: Economic expansion in the last 12 months
Lina Attalah and Mohamed Hamama | From billboards to bread cards, the Armed Forces' economic activities have expanded and diversified since
Health problems loom on Egypt’s horizon
Luiz Sanchez | Countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region are in a “crucial health phase,” as deteriorating health
The art disasters that led to a ban on unauthorized work on public statues
Jano Charbel | Jano Charbel looks back at a few of the kitsch, offensive and bizarre public statues that have graced
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World Council of Churches calls for journalist Hesham Gaafar’s release
Activists call for Facebook blackout after accounts of Palestinian journalists disabled
Today’s headlines: September 25, 2016
Dawn arrests of public transport labor leaders make planned strike unlikely
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Nael El Toukhy
So what do I do if I meet an Israeli abroad?
Nael El Toukhy on how decades of no debate about normalization led to the Olympics hand-shaking debacle,
Josh Stacher
June 30, 3 years on: Who drives US-Egypt diplomacy?
How has US policy toward Egypt changed in recent years?
Laura Gribbon
Brexit: What just happened and what now?
This wasn’t a referendum by the people against the neoliberal order, it was instigated by politicians,

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